Tuesday, March 10, 2009


its 6pm now..hearing kids chanting and laughing~~playing in the playground made me change mind on sleeping..
alaaaa naper larh tak hujan???
tak de larh rase guilty sgt kerna tak buat aper2...
pelik btol td dah larh bgn pkol 12 lbey(ma class's at 2pm)n now ngantok lg????but then juznow terdoze off japs in front of the tv..n then naik atas igt nak smbong..tu yg terdgr all the kids going up n about playing around..leading a very healthy life..unlike mine!!!

eheheee!!!pastuh tros larh on9...
nakk buat per huh???i noe i shud be studying...(coz juznow in class everyone was participating in a quiz session)adooiiiii..they're really smart lar...all of them seems so excited to answer the questions..i'm the only one trying staying very secluded praying hard the lecturer wont notice me!!!ngeh!!!

she did...n she asked me a few question..n i gave ma famous answer..I DONT KNOW..
the questions were mostly stats~~~forgotten how to go about with it~~lame wooo!blaja time dip dlu..eheh!!!(tp org lain ok jaaa)

heish aper nak buat nieee~~layan antm lar..
ok daaaaaaaa!

Monday, March 9, 2009

kerusi yg perlu direbot oleh ma baby
her latest adorable post!!
she has the exact sleeping position as me!!!AMAZING!
sdap sgt tdo niee..
smpi lidah terjelir

ma baby

baby eme!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

what a very breezy day...

i just woke up(not gonna state the time)its really breezy today(easy breezy bla bla bla..maybeline pnye motto)ahahaa..hefta put tht here..

erm..nak post ape niee...actually loadso things are worth mentioning..tp malassss nyerrr mau type
ok lets start on wut i did last saturday..patotnyerr g module tuh kannn..ok la~~i went..agak lmbt coz me woke u at 8..txtd yazlin..told her im gonna be late..she sed ITS OKAY!!yeehaa!!

pastuh took ma own sweet time to freshen up..(bout 45 minutes)in the midst of tht gotta a call from shasha..she sed she's alredy thr..YIKES!!thts early(fyi: im not wearing ma specs rite now..so if thrs spelling error pls ABAIKAN.)anyways..saye pon g laaa....dah amik yazlin smue(whilst membicarakan ape relevantnyer module ini dlm hidop kami..ttbe kami smpi)

mase tuh its already 10 somthg..(i even had the guts to singgah mamak dlu for bfast)buhooo!!!
then yazlin ckp 'are u sho?' dan saye reply YUP! n she sed...'i think now its the ldk part the ceramah is tmrw' n so i panic..laa seiyess kee????NGEH!!
so ok straight up to uitm...smpi2..dorg smue dah break nak masok 2nd ldk..ok xpa..g tgk list of those who should attend the 3rd module~~~OUR NAMES WERE NOT LISTED~~~
text shasha..n she sed mmg name tak de but we hefta inform those who are authorized tuh of our status then we hefta fill in a ganti module form...now y'all WHY WOULD WE WANT TO DO THAT????ahahahaaa!!!maaf kami rebel...
n yaz was really determine to leave the module..i hesitated a bit..i mean yer larh kann takott nnt pape hal kne ganti gaks(more worried of yaz atcually coz for me if anythg goes wtrong i still have at least another sem to go n i still can ganti the stupid module..(wooo dah azan zohor..cpt btol)
but yazlin's determination assured me tht everythgs gonna be alrite..so the verdict is...WE TOOK OF!!!ngeh!!so balik!!!
igt wanted to hef breakfast with yaz tp she wanted to follow her mom to mid valley..n so i sed ok(coz mate mmg ngantok gle)tp perot still lapo..then called up fatimah igt ak ajk dier brunch skali..tak angkat phone ple dierrr...xpa..serbu je la rumah dier..skali ma da called(coz i called him earlier)so i thot tak pe laa..bfast je la wif ma dad ekonomi sket..tak yah kuar duit(ma mom was having her medical check ups)so went to ma favourite kopittiam VILLAGE PARK..pergh the foods i tell u..mmg lazat...dier pnye ayam goreng mmg TERBAIK larh!!!tringin nak g on weekdays coz on w/ends MASYAALLAH ramaiiiiiiiiii!!!!ok larh stop dlu k...lapar ple ble ckp psl makanan nih

Friday, March 6, 2009

dunno y

i realllllllllyyyyyyyyyy dunno y m so addicted to bollywood bizzzz..ive been wating ma time channelling from one bollywood show to another the whole day!!!

i must say..if i were to take a course regarding solely on bollywood...i would have excel!!!

cant allow ma self to be to consume with this obsession...

but i'll give allowance for today only..nak buat canerrr..dah habiss pon satu hari..

but i promise maself this...have to stop this nonsense by tmrw..have to get really serious with ma life from tmrw onwards..or else i'll regret it!