Tuesday, March 10, 2009


its 6pm now..hearing kids chanting and laughing~~playing in the playground made me change mind on sleeping..
alaaaa naper larh tak hujan???
tak de larh rase guilty sgt kerna tak buat aper2...
pelik btol td dah larh bgn pkol 12 lbey(ma class's at 2pm)n now ngantok lg????but then juznow terdoze off japs in front of the tv..n then naik atas igt nak smbong..tu yg terdgr all the kids going up n about playing around..leading a very healthy life..unlike mine!!!

eheheee!!!pastuh tros larh on9...
nakk buat per huh???i noe i shud be studying...(coz juznow in class everyone was participating in a quiz session)adooiiiii..they're really smart lar...all of them seems so excited to answer the questions..i'm the only one trying staying very secluded praying hard the lecturer wont notice me!!!ngeh!!!

she did...n she asked me a few question..n i gave ma famous answer..I DONT KNOW..
the questions were mostly stats~~~forgotten how to go about with it~~lame wooo!blaja time dip dlu..eheh!!!(tp org lain ok jaaa)

heish aper nak buat nieee~~layan antm lar..
ok daaaaaaaa!

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